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Email Marketing

Email marketing is not only powerful and cost effective; it is also the best way to communicate with your existing customers, generate leads, and to increase brand awareness and loyalty. At Design infusions we will handle every aspect of your email marketing campaign from designing an engaging and exciting email template, to sending out emails, to tracking their progress. We will even assist you in developing your database of customers, by creating an attractive way to encourage customers to subscribe to receive information about sales promotions, discounts, products and services. Regular email communication will help to build loyalty and raise your brand awareness.

Here are just a few ways to that email marketing is effective in reaching your target audience:

• Sales Promotion
• Newsletter
• New Products or Services
• Free Offers
• Coupons or Discounts


Social Media Marketing

Just like Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing has become a strong marketing tool in it own right. It is becoming the mainstream of creating and maintaining branding and exposure through interaction with social network sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other community sites. At this time Design infusions only works with FaceBook and Twitter. We can assist you in setting up your accounts and if you choose to allow us to maintain your Social Media we will work to generate business exposure, opportunities and sales and will work to increase traffic to your site and build new business partnerships.

With our Social Media Marketing services we will do the following:

• Create profiles/accounts
• Submit content such as articles, videos, photos
• Submit sales ads, discount, new products and services
• Add your comments